Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anime Girl

I made this figure from some spare parts that I have. It isn't really modeled after any particular character. I guess it's just an anime girl.

I did paint the miniskirt red. The rest are just parts from the Microman material force and a gashapon figure's head.

Sculpy Sculpts

Here are some sculpts that I have done in Sculpy. I haven't baked them yet and I don't know if I'm going to at this point.

I do these in between doing customs and designs in the computer. At times I have to step away from what I am working on and work on something else. This helps me step back and look at my work anew.

Notice the Dunny and the Dunny parts. I plan on painting and customizing that later.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Micronauts - Works in Progress

I am currently working on some customs for a friend of mine. Please see the pictures below.

These figures are not finished yet, but I decided to post them here to get feedback. As you can see, they are of Prince Shaitan and Cilicia from the Micronauts comics. Specifically from the planet Spartak.

They are definitely works in progress at this point. I hope you like them so far. I'll post the finished pictures when I am done with them.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Current Works

Up until now, most of the customs I have been showing you have been done quite some time ago. Now I am working on finishing up some long past projects that need to be done.

Back in November 2008, I lost my job working as an Art Director. It was very sad because the decision was made solely due to financial reasons. With many large companies doing massive lay offs right now, many of my friends are fearful for the stability of their jobs.

I have been working like crazy to get my portfolio together and to find a new opportunity. I spent most of my days looking for job postings and applying to them. Unfortunately, my area of expertise is in packaging, product, and trade show materials, and the retail industry is being hit hard.

I do get a chance to work on artistic endeavors when I take some brief breaks. I am currently working on a couple of figures that I owe a friend. I will post them when they are done. I am also working on developing a line of toys that I can sell to the public. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Micronauts Group Shot

Here is a group shot of my Micronauts Microman custom figures. I really wanted to do the whole team, but I still have to start working on a Microtron custom.

These shots show the size difference between the Material Force figures and the custom Biotron.

Biotron Custom

This figure is a work in progress. Biotron from the Micronauts comics is made from a Ryukendo figure from Bandai and a vinyl figure. I'm still working on the arms, legs and hands.

I made this figure to be in scale with the Micronauts customs that I created earlier.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dark Phoenix Custom

Here is my custom of the Dark Phoenix from the X-men comics. It is another combination of a gashapon figure and a Microman material force body.

I also used the background from the Microman release of the Street Fighter figure Chun-li with the clear stands to make this appear to figure float above the flames.

Biker Devil Toyer

Here's a Qee blank figure that I customized using just some colored sharpies. I thought it would be nice to experiment using these markers.

As I was working on this, I came to realize that it is difficult to color figures that you can't take apart. It is a challenge to get the marker to go where you want it to without accidentally coloring some other part of the figure.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Don't fear the Mini Reaper

I really appreciate the irony of having something so terrifying be so small and cute. That's why I created this Mini Reaper. That and the fact that I'm not willing to spend the money to buy a Kid Reaper from Kid Robot.

This figure is very small because it was originally a Dunny. I resculpted and hand-painted it, and I also sewed a cloak from some scrap black velvet. Every goth should have some scrap black velvet lying around.

Shown here without his velvet cloak. I plan on creating a scythe for him very soon. My wife likes the Day of the Dead feel that this figure has.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Real Mister Boo

This is a picture of Sasha. We often called him Socks. He was such a wonderful companion, and his personality seemed bigger than his little body could contain. He was mischievous and incredibly intelligent. He often liked to make me to chase him down our hallway. We knew him so well that I could tell if something was bothering him by the look on his face.

Unfortunately, Sasha passed away a few years back. We spent a small fortune on surgeries in his last days, but despite everything we did to save him, but eventually he died in my wife's arms.

This custom is a dedication to Socks. I named him Mister Boo from an illustrated web story that my wife and I started called Gods, Heroes and Monsters. The character named Mister Boo was modeled after Socks and would appear suddenly and often lead the heroes out of danger or to someone or something that they would need.

Unfortunately, we've become too busy to ever get the story going and we never truly got over Sasha's passing, but the legend of the ghost rabbit named Mister Boo lives on.

Notice the angel wings on the back. This custom was made from a blank Qee angel bunny figure. The black spots on the white and the blacked tipped wings are because Sasha was dwarf Hotot rabbit.

Mythology, Art and Micros

When I was young, I always used to check out mythology books from the library. I was fascinated by the stories. When I discovered Micronauts, I used to name my Pharoids after the Egyptian Gods.

I created this custom a few years back. It represents the Egyptian God Set. This god killed his brother Osiris and scattered his body parts over Egypt. He is represented with the head of an ass. I thought that the modified centaurus head would do for this figure.

I created this mask of Anubis a few years back. It is shown here on a Microman figure that I customized by switching parts to get the colors I wanted. The mask is made from Sculpy and has been cured in an oven to set the shape. Then it was painted with red and gold paint. It fits over the action figure's head and rests on the shoulders.

My Vision for Microman

Here are some of my drawings from years ago. They were all done in Adobe Illustrator several versions back. They were examples of how I thought the Microman line should be expanded.

This is a New Acroyear design that I came up with.

Here is my female Pharoid design. I really wanted more females in the original line because there were so many male figures and I thought that things should be equal.

Please note that all of these figures were meant to have the same or similar rivits, joints, hands and feets cuffs that the original line of figures had.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Black Hole

The Black Hole is one of the few Disney productions that I still like. Perhaps it is because it has a Robot named Vincent in it.

I got these Kubrick figures quite a while ago. I actually placed them among the wires running between the monitor of my computer. I think the wires and monitor stand make for a futuristic look. If you look in the background, you can see my bookcase with my Chogokins on it.

It's true. V.I.N.Cent. and Old Bob are checking out the Tardis. I happen to have a Tardis Hub for my computer. I went back and watched some of the old Doctor Who episodes that I loved when I was a child, and although I loved them as a child, they look terrible to me now. I will always hold the old episodes dear, but I really like the new Doctor Who series.

NERV Misato Katsuragi

I was a little disappointed that Takara never did a figure of Misato so I decided to make one myself.

I plan on doing a custom of Shinji later and perhaps some other characters from Evangelion.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Nightmare Stuff

Here are some more toys from my collection. I decided to post this to break up the posts of my customs. I really love the Nightmare Before Christmas.

My wife loves sleepy Jack. So we have a shelf dedicated almost entirely to Jack in PJ's

Purple Time Traveler

I chose to use one of the new chest pieces for this custom because I wanted it to be an updated version of the Time Traveller.

I used the Acro Biom Microman figure for he body and white hands and feet from a material force figure.

Maria Freed from Grendizer

Here's some more material force madness. I chose this character in particular because I really like the Grendizer series.

If I get my way, I'll be able to do customs of Duke Freed and Koji Kabuto. Perhaps someday I'll be able to find gashapon figures in the correct scale to accomplish this.

Cutey Honey Custom

Takara offered a Cutey Honey figure with a DVD. Unfortunately, at the time, it was out of my price range. Fortunately for me, the gashapon wasn't out of my price range.

It wasn't that difficult to piece this togther using different colored Microman material force figures, but it was painstakingly painted to the figure you see here.

Mini Figure Art Toys

This is how I am displaying some of my favorite Dunnies.

Here is a display of some of my favorite mini figures. Although I tend to prefer dark and scary looking toys, I really like the variety you can get from collecting blind box figures.

Princess Marionette

Here's another custom figure of mine. Introducing Princess Mari from the Micronauts.

She is hand painted and the parts come from various Microman Material Force and a gashapon figure.


The Acromantid sneaks up on Bug while he is being attacked by a Kronos female.

The Kronos female, like the Mantis, is larger than its male counterpart.

Bug is overwhelmed, when cornered by Kronos, Kronos female and Acromantid.

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Links and some thoughts

I just posted a bunch of new links. Most are my influences as an artist and designer. You may want to look through them when you get a chance.

I was looking over some of my toys the other day and I have come to realize that I really like to see an eclectic mix of toys. I do have an extensive collection of Microman, Micronauts and Japanese Robots, but I do like to see the odd Dunny, Kubrick or random art toy mixed in.

In my opinion, the Japanese do make the best robots!

I'll post more pics soon.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Things from my shelves

Here are some pics of the cool japanese toys from my shelves. I have collected these over the years. They are some of my favorites. More to come!

Bugs and Things

Here is a custom that I did a while ago. One of my favorite characters from my childhood. It is hand painted and hand sculpted.

My Rant

Welcome to my rant about toys, art, toys as art and all things related.