Thursday, July 2, 2009

More customs from others

Here's another custom that was purchased from ebay ages ago. I like the creativity even though the creator simply dismantled and reassembled the figures and mixed up the color schemes.

The back view shows the sticker that was chosen to go on the upper back of the torso.

Here's a final view of this custom.

I believe that this one was done by the same artist. It is done to match the color scheme of the Microman Robotman.

Here is the back view. I like the addition of the sticker because it mimics the color of the treads on the back of Robotman.

Here is the size comparison. I choose not to display the figure in the cockpit of Robotman because it is the same color scheme and just gets somewhat lost.

Here is the back view so that you can see what I mean by the treads.

Customs from others

I actually purchased this custom from another collector through ebay. I did this quite some time ago, but I haven't had a chance to share this figure with the public. It is a great custom and I would never dare to paint a Titan myself, but I am glad to have it just the same.

I actually have a lot of gothic industrial Micros that are in black and jewel tones and some metallic color schemes. For all those out there that may not be aware, goths don't just wear black. They often mix in a bit of some other color as well. The metallic tones go well with the industrial look. I'll post more or these later.