Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Acroyear with Cast Parts

I have had this New Acroyear for a few years now. It was missing a claw, beak, and a missile.

Here is a back view showing the existing missle that has some chrome loss next to the missile cast in white resin.

Each different color of New Acroyear had a different beak and a different chest. Although the beak was cast from one found in a complete green New Acroyear, it is still good to have a beak that works at all.

To see more about the New Acroyear series, please see my friend Paul's site microforever. You can also go directly to the New Acroyear page.

Lobros Restored

Pictured on the left is a complete vintage Lobros. The one on the right is modeling some casts pieces.

The antennae, left cuff, and shield are all newly cast pieces that have been cleaned up and painted. They are not perfect, but to me they are good enough to display. It also makes me feel like I have two complete figures.

Fun with Molding and Casting

Here are some pictures of some parts that I have cast. I attempted the Anubis mask that fits vintage Pharoid figures and Microman Command 2 figures, Lobros antennae, Lobros shield and Lobros cuffs.

I also tried to cast the Kronos gun, the beak from a green New Acroyear, the claw hands and missiles from a New Acroyear, and the head from a Super Microman Dash Wing.

As you may be able to see with the shield and some of the guns, the casts were often plagued by bubbles. All of the Anubis masks were plagued by small bubbles. In fact most were plagues by small bubbles which may render them useless. Fortunately the Microman head and a couple of the missiles are minimally affected.