Friday, April 13, 2012

Ads Showing up on my Posts

I recently saw that ads have been placed in some of my posts. This was not my doing. I will be working to resolve the problem. Please be patient.

Thank you.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Micro Bears

These figures were based on the classic Microman toy line by Takara. To see a write up on the replica reissue figures that these are based on please go here. A special thanks to Paul L. for the Microforever site.

These are colored like the original M101 George, M102 Jack, M 103 Jesse & M104 John in the barefoot Microman line.

You may notice that these resemble the Time Travelers in the Micronauts line that was produced by Mego in the late 70's. The reason for this is that the Microman line basically gave birth to both the Micronauts line and Transformers.

The background also resembles the the building sets of the Micronauts, but I based the background on the Microman Police Keeper Build Base. You can see the design here.

As a child, Microman and Micronauts really helped nurture my creativity. The interchangeable aspects of this toy line really inspired me and kept my imagination working overtime.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Destiny of the Endless

Destiny is the oldest and the tallest of the Endless.

It might seem like an easy task to make a figure in a brown cloak with a book chained to his wrist. I did want to make him the tallest of the endless figures. He stands in at around 14 inches tall.

I had the cloak made a few years ago, but I have been taking my time finding the right pieces to complete this figure.

Because Destiny is blind I found an unpainted resin head and I painted the flesh tones, but kept the eyes white with no cornea or pupils.

The book is hand made with a print out of leather pattern and bare metal foil matte aluminum.

Please note that the chain is an actual chain that I picked up when I worked in the craft business.

When I finish all of the endless, I will post group pictures here.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Netifer Lord of the Underweb

I have contributed a custom Munny to the Milk Munny Show. All the proceeds go to Check it the details here.

Here is more information on the charity keep-a-breast.

Here is the name card. On the back, I printed out some instructions on how to change his battery.

My contribution is a little 7 inch Munny that I call, Netifer. He is the Lord of the Underweb. More on his origins below.

Netifer has an crystal heart and eyes that can light up with the flick of a switch.

He is the nemesis of the technology god.

I was inspired by reading Neil Gaiman's American Gods. I read about a god of technology, and I thought that there should also be a techno devil.

Netifer is the demon who inspires the creation of computer viruses and technical glitches.

At best, he is annoying and can cause applications to crash and users to lose work due to computer failures and errors.

At his worst, Netifer likes to devour data and sometimes destroys hard drives completely.

He inspires hackers to write viruses and malware. He can be found lurking in jpgs, video files, phishing schemes and certain email attachments and links.

Netifer has an insidious way of surviving. Once a virus is patched, he becomes a hacker's inspiration to become another virus or worm. He can also hide out in spyware or corrupted preferences.

Although Netifer is a horrible little demon or devil, he is being sacrificed to a good cause.

Thanks to Red Hot Robot and Trevor of Acrylic Squid for putting on this show. If you will be in Arizona in October of 2010. You should try to catch the show and buy a Munny for a good cause.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Destruction of the Endless

Here he is the prodigal sibling. The one who left his post and his responsibilities.

Destruction of the Endless. Do not seek him because you just might find him.

This figure is a kit-bashed interpretation of Neil Gaiman's character from the end of the Sandman series.

This figure stands 13 inches tall and towers over most other 1/6 scale figures. I plan on customizing the rest of the endless. When I have completed these I will post a few family portraits.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Delirium of the Endless Kitbash

Delirium of the Endless. She used to be Delight but something happened to her that made her into Delirium. She is the youngest of the Endless.

My interpretation of the anthropomorphic personification of Delirium has the odd blue and green eyes and multicolored hair that Delirium exhibits in some of the later comics. I also chose to make her less of a hippy and bit more of a riot girl.

This figure is actually about 9 inches tall which makes her look considerably younger than the other Endless. I will post a group picture when I have enough of the Endless customized or kitbashed to do so.

Here is a view of the back of her head to show that there are actually many colors in her hair. My version also has a couple of random braids made from different colored strands of hair.

Here is a close up. I may add an eyebrow and ear piercing later on. Of the Endless, Delirium's appearance seems to change the most.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Death of the Endless Kitbash

I have a great appreciation for well written comics. One of my favorite is Neil Gaiman's Sandman. I decided to come up with my own custom Death figure in 1/6 scale.

The body is a Volks doll painted white. I also used various clothing from other figures that I had for the boots, pants and shirt. I found the Ankh at a bead store.

Here is her profile. Although Death's appearance changes slightly from chapter to chapter of the Sandman. It also changes depending on what time period she appears in. I tried to be as true to the comic as I could.

Here I have posed to the figure as if she were saying, "Take my hand."

My plans are to kit bash or customize a figure of Delirium. I think it would be great to someday have figures of all of the Endless in this scale.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Shiny New Toy

Here is another Microman custom. I decided to do this one because the Command 2 or Pharoid figure was one of my favorite figures when I was a child.

I was surprised to find out that there was a fantastic Command 1 figure released by Romando for the 20th anniversary called M150 Edge. He is the figure and the capsule on the left side of the picture. You can see my friend Paul's write up on him on his site

I really wanted a shiny Command 2 figure so I decided to make one by simply changing parts around from different Command 2 figures. I will provide a list of the figures that I used below.

Here is the back side of the figures together. Here are a list of the parts that I used (and links to pictures of them on Paul's site) to create my shiny Command 2:

M164 Sammy and Gold Capsule
M164sp Puzzle Figure
M:I:S 04 Microman Command 2

I hope that this inspires people to mess around with their figures to make something that they really want.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

More customs from others

Here's another custom that was purchased from ebay ages ago. I like the creativity even though the creator simply dismantled and reassembled the figures and mixed up the color schemes.

The back view shows the sticker that was chosen to go on the upper back of the torso.

Here's a final view of this custom.

I believe that this one was done by the same artist. It is done to match the color scheme of the Microman Robotman.

Here is the back view. I like the addition of the sticker because it mimics the color of the treads on the back of Robotman.

Here is the size comparison. I choose not to display the figure in the cockpit of Robotman because it is the same color scheme and just gets somewhat lost.

Here is the back view so that you can see what I mean by the treads.

Customs from others

I actually purchased this custom from another collector through ebay. I did this quite some time ago, but I haven't had a chance to share this figure with the public. It is a great custom and I would never dare to paint a Titan myself, but I am glad to have it just the same.

I actually have a lot of gothic industrial Micros that are in black and jewel tones and some metallic color schemes. For all those out there that may not be aware, goths don't just wear black. They often mix in a bit of some other color as well. The metallic tones go well with the industrial look. I'll post more or these later.