Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Micro Bears

These figures were based on the classic Microman toy line by Takara. To see a write up on the replica reissue figures that these are based on please go here. A special thanks to Paul L. for the Microforever site.

These are colored like the original M101 George, M102 Jack, M 103 Jesse & M104 John in the barefoot Microman line.

You may notice that these resemble the Time Travelers in the Micronauts line that was produced by Mego in the late 70's. The reason for this is that the Microman line basically gave birth to both the Micronauts line and Transformers.

The background also resembles the the building sets of the Micronauts, but I based the background on the Microman Police Keeper Build Base. You can see the design here.

As a child, Microman and Micronauts really helped nurture my creativity. The interchangeable aspects of this toy line really inspired me and kept my imagination working overtime.

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