Friday, March 20, 2009

Microman Raptor Rider

I found these toys on clearance at Toys R Us over a year ago. This one was probably about $5 and it seemd to be the same scale as the Microman figures I collect. Since I have always liked the Microchange series (many of which became the first Transformers) I decided to customize one similar to the Microriders of old.

Here it is transformed into bike mode. I think it looks good in both modes. While I like Transformers, it is important to me that they look good in both modes. If not, I just won't purchase it.

Here is the view from the front. I used some paint and some foil decals to change up the Raptor. I used an existing Microman head, foild decals and some Microman material force figures to create the Rider.

To see more about the original Microrider or Microman in general, please see my friend Paul's site:

Here is the direct link to the Microridor page:

Micro Ridor at Microforever