Sunday, January 25, 2009

Micronauts - Works in Progress

I am currently working on some customs for a friend of mine. Please see the pictures below.

These figures are not finished yet, but I decided to post them here to get feedback. As you can see, they are of Prince Shaitan and Cilicia from the Micronauts comics. Specifically from the planet Spartak.

They are definitely works in progress at this point. I hope you like them so far. I'll post the finished pictures when I am done with them.


  1. Very nice so far! Digging all your Marvel-naut customs, I'll plug you on my blog soon. :) It's interesting that Emperor has a similar helmet to Shaitan's... Cilicia is awesome!

  2. I saw your link to my blog. Thanks for the praise.

  3. Fantastic work. I LOVE your Micronauts stuff.
    Do you accept PayPal? :-P