Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Real Mister Boo

This is a picture of Sasha. We often called him Socks. He was such a wonderful companion, and his personality seemed bigger than his little body could contain. He was mischievous and incredibly intelligent. He often liked to make me to chase him down our hallway. We knew him so well that I could tell if something was bothering him by the look on his face.

Unfortunately, Sasha passed away a few years back. We spent a small fortune on surgeries in his last days, but despite everything we did to save him, but eventually he died in my wife's arms.

This custom is a dedication to Socks. I named him Mister Boo from an illustrated web story that my wife and I started called Gods, Heroes and Monsters. The character named Mister Boo was modeled after Socks and would appear suddenly and often lead the heroes out of danger or to someone or something that they would need.

Unfortunately, we've become too busy to ever get the story going and we never truly got over Sasha's passing, but the legend of the ghost rabbit named Mister Boo lives on.

Notice the angel wings on the back. This custom was made from a blank Qee angel bunny figure. The black spots on the white and the blacked tipped wings are because Sasha was dwarf Hotot rabbit.

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