Friday, February 20, 2009

Lady Cilicia of Spartak

This custom is also going to my friend who will be getting the Shaitan. Cilicia is made from Microman material force, a gashapon figure, styrene, beads, parts from military force and plastic piping.

The boot tops are made from the plastic piping. The rivets on her chest and the side of the boots are made from metallic beads that were cut in half and sanded down. I also used Mod'lers Mastic for the shoulder detail.

I looked through several of the comics and viewed several interpetations of Lady Cilicia when I made this. In some pictures there are two rivets on the outside of the boots like I did here, and in some pictures there was one on the inside and one on the outside.

Here's a slightly overhead view. You can see that the ponytail is long and flowing and not curly like in the comics. She also has silver bands on her thighs. I saw this in one of the pictures and tried it. I like the way that it looks so I left it like that. I hope my friend likes it.


  1. Stunning work. All of your posts here, but particularly this one - as I've always been a fan of the Acroyear.

    If you were to do a custom piece such as this for someone, I wonder what the cost would be.

  2. I have done some customs for others. The charge always varies depending on the cost of materials and how difficult it is to make sculpt the custom.