Friday, February 20, 2009

Prince Shaitan of Spartak

Here is a nice little custom that I made for a friend of mine. Prince Shaitan brother to Acroyear is made from paint, styrene, beads, Microman material force and a Palisades Micronauts Acroyear sword that modified with styrene.

Here's another pose. It took me a while to do the boots and I ended up doing the feet over again because I wasn't happy with the results. One of the hardest parts were the abs. In the comic Shaitan has similar armor to the Acroyear 2. Since it is sectioned there on the material force it posed a slight problem.

This is not the best pose, but it does show you the detail of the abs, boots and the circles that Shaitan has on the legs and arms. I used brushed aluminum Bare Metal Foil and a hole punch to create these. I had to paint over a coat of clear coat so that they would not fall off.

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