Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Views on Art Toys and Customizing

I was always the type of child that enjoyed making stuff. If I got a toy or gadget and it had visible screws in it, I would take it apart and put it back together. I liked building models and trying to make them better. I was always curious, inquisitive and most of all creative.

I found some of my mother's drawings when I was a small child and it inspired me to draw. I never really stopped drawing which then lead to painting and sculpting. This is combination with tendency to take things apart lead me to customizing toys and making my own toys.

I tend to combine toys with art and art with toys. I always welcome screws in toys and even if they don't have screws, I sometimes have to dismantle them. I like unique things and I love creating things. While I appreciate designer vinyl and art toys, I know I'll always have to mess with them and create my own. I guess it just speaks to my individuality and creativity. I like mass produced toys, but they just don't compare to the customs that I create that I deem successful.

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