Sunday, February 1, 2009

On Customs and Size Comparison

Bug and Pharoid together to show the size comparison between my Micronaut Microman custom figures and Micronauts released by Palisades Toys. Microman Material Force are slightly bigger but they fit in pretty nicely as far as scale goes.

I recently was told by someone in reponse to a question that I asked in an online group, that they weren't much into customs and that I should make these for myself. I actually do make these for myself, but given the opportunity to make these for others I would. That is if I could make them for what they are worth. They are one of a kind, hand-made customs. Even if I made another of the same character, it would be slightly different.

I understand that some people are into mass produced toys and want their toys to look like one of thousands or millions. I even understand that some people aren't into customs, but to me, being an artist, I need to use this hobby as an outlet for creativity and I happen to like unique things. Whenever I see screws on a toy, I am tempted to take it apart. If I see a blank Dunny, I have to paint it. It leaves me wondering why that person even responed to my post.

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